Primary Flow Packaging with Array Sensors and 3D Laser Scanners from SICK

Improving the primary packaging flow packaging system in your food production using the latest sensor and scanner technology.


Promoting better quality in the flow packaging sequence, SICK’s intelligent primary packaging solutions guarantee to produce the results you need to satisfy your customers.

High performance Array Sensors detects film roll positioning within flow pack and wrapping packaging machine applications for improved quality of final product and effectively controlling waste.

Improving case fulfilment, 3D Laser Scanners identify if cases have been correctly filled before sealing minimising complaints, dissatisfied clients and expensive manual reworking.

Intelligently detecting the positions of film edge AT20 Line Array Sensors ensures control
Utilising an analogue value in reference to film to continuously control and correct the position.

  • Highly suitable for intensive manufacturing conditions with diffuse mode to protect against dust and dirt sensor interference, reducing expensive downtime
  • Minimise waste and improve packaging quality utilising continuous and accurate guidance of the packaging film
  • Easy installation with minimal integration time using a clearly visible white LED light spot to guarantee precision alignment and reducing time demanding adjustments
  • Reduce consuming change over time with training, program and menu activities free interface

Accurate product detection and case evaluation with JEF Laser Measurement Sensors
Carefully determining completeness of cases either during movement or standstill, sensor constructs a 3 dimensional image then using “LevelControl” functionality the scanner detects missing or incorrectly positions products.

  • Identifying in line completeness to minimise error, complaints and improve quality of delivered cases
  • New product configurations are conveniently sent by Ethernet to machine HMI for rapid change over and reduced format

Clever edge detection technology for accurate material guidance for quality packaging and precision case completeness verification, SICK’s innovative primary packaging solutions can be easily and simply integrated into your food manufacturing line.

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