Pressure Sensors, Switches and Gauges by Dwyer Instruments

Pressure Sensors, Switches and Gauges by Dwyer Instruments

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Dwyer, among many things, manufactures pressure transmitters and
switches which are suitable for a variety of applications including HVAC,
building automation, process control industries, dust collection and pneumatic
conveying, food/beverage and pharmaceutical and general manufacturing markets.

Dwyer extensive range is functional and specified to many industries.
The range includes:

  • Select the Series 2000 Magnehelic Gage for a
    versatile low differential pressure gage with a wide choice of 81 models and 27
    options to choose from. Using Dwyer simple, frictionless Magnehelic gage
    movement, it quickly indicates air or noncorrosive gas pressures–either
    positive, negative (vacuum) or differential. The design resists shock,
    vibration, over-pressures and is weatherproof to IP67. Select the 揌A High
    Accuracy Magnehelic gage option for an accuracy within 1% of full scale. Also
    included with the 揌A option at no extra cost are a mirrored scale overlay and
    a 6 point calibration certificate.
  • Series MS2 Magnesense II Differential Pressure
    combines the proven stable piezo technology and the versatility
    of our original Series MS with additional features to reduce installation time
    and simplify ordering. Like the original Series MS, the second generation
    transmitter can be used as a linear pressure output or a linear velocity output
    with the square root extraction done in the transmitter. Additional parameters
    have bee
  • Series ADPS/EDPS/BDPA/BYDS Adjustable Differential
    Pressure Switch
    is designed for pressure, vacuum, and differential
    pressures. The dual scaled adjustment knob in inches water column and pascals
    allows changes to the switching pressure to be made without a pressure gage.
    The ADPS/EDPS/BDPA are available with settings from 0.08 in w.c. (20 Pa) up to
    20 in w.c. (5000 Pa). The silicone diaphragm and PA 6.6 body make the series ADPS
    ideal for use with air and other noncombustible gases. Series EDPS models meet
    UL508 and are constructed of plenum rated plastics. The series BDPA Adjustable
    Differential Pressure Alarms offer a versatile range of configurations allowing
    utilization of their many features including buzzer and LED notification, and
    battery or line powered. The compact size, adjustment knob and low cost make
    the ADPS/EDPS/BDPA the perfect choice for HVAC applications.
  • Series 626 and 628 Pressure Transmitters are ideal for OEMs with 1% full scale accuracy and 0.25% full scale
    accuracy sensor options. The corrosion resistant 316L stainless steel wetted
    parts allow the Series 626 and 628 transmitters to measure the pressure in a
    multitude of processes from hydraulic oils to chemicals. The Series 626 and 628
    are available in absolute and pressure ranges with a variety of optional
    outputs, process connections and electrical terminations to allow you to select
    the right transmitter for your application. Applications include: Compressors, Pumping Systems, Irrigation System
    Pressure, Industrial Process Monitoring, Hydraulic.
  • Series DPG-200 Digital Pressure Gage has
    a precise 0.25% full scale accuracy.
    The 4 digit digital display will reduce the potential for errors in
    readings by eliminating parallax error commonly produced with analog gages. The
    DPG-200 is packaged in a durable extruded aluminum case designed to meet NEMA
    4X (IP66). The unit is powered by 12-24 VDC/VAC and contains two alarm set
    points along with a 4-20 mA process output. A four-button keypad allows easy
    access to features. These features include backlight, peak and valley, auto
    zero and conversion of the pressure units.
  • Series
    3400 Smart Pressure Transmitter
    is a microprocessor-based high
    performance transmitter, which has flexible pressure calibration, push button
    configuration, and is programmable using HART Communication. The Series 3400
    is capable of being configured with the zero and span buttons (a field calibrator
    is not required for configuration). The transmitter software compensates for
    thermal effects, improving performance. EEPROM stores configuration settings
    and stores sensor correction coefficients in the event of shutdowns or power
    loss. The Series 3400 can be configured to be ATEX or IECEX approved for use in
    hazardous (classified) locations. The rangeability allows the smart transmitter
    to be configured to fit most applications.
  • Series A6 Durable Pressure Switches have been specifically designed to stand
    up to extended duty applications. These switches are constructed with a
    polyimide film diaphragm and are compatible with a variety of fluids. For ease
    of installation, the switches come with a 1/4″ male NPT process connection
    and can be mounted in any orientation. The Series A6 pressure switches are
    compact and have great set-point integrity, and feature simple, easy set-point
    field adjustment.
  • Series EDA Electronic Pressure Controller is an extremely versatile compact package
    that can replace a separate gage, two switches, and a transmitter in a system
    saving money, installation time, and panel space. The EDA incorporates two SPDT
    relays that have the on and off points fully adjustable over the range for
    control or alarm use. Front face has LED indicators for switch status and a
    large backlight two-line display showing process value and indication units.
    Programming is easy with simple menu structure, two-line display, and external
    programming buttons. Weatherproof housing is ideal for a wide variety of
    applications with panel mount, flush mount, or pipe mount ability. Features
    include zero set, adjustable dampening, menu lock out, peak and valley
    indication, removable terminal blocks, adjustable time delay, and scalable
    transmitter output.


  • Process applications
  • Replacement for legacy analog gages
  • OEM applications
  • Compressors
  • Pumping systems
  • Irrigation equipment
  • Hydraulic Applications

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