Precision Detection with SICK Registration Sensors

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Intelligent Registration Sensors ensures accurate detection that the human eye cannot recognise.

SICK’s innovative range of sensors differentiates between contrasts, colours, fluorescent products and light absorption in automation processes.

Contrast Sensors for accurate detection of printed or control marks with manual settings of switching thresholds

  • KTM: Mini housing, simple and fast with high greyscale resolution and exceptional detection of contrasts on shiny surfaces
  • KT1M: Detection of simple contras differences in a mountable small, robust round housing. Available in NPN and PNP variants with light or dark switching  
  • KT2: Small light spot with red or green LED light versions for contrast detection
  • KT3: Powerful contrast detection in 3 colour RGB or white LED technology in a rugged compact housing
  • KT3L Laser: Precise up to 60mm long distance sensing and suitable for vibrating products
  • KT5-2 Display: Flexible, multifunctional design with bar graph display and application in high variable contrast processes
  • KT8L Laser: Rapid detection with broad 30mm to 800mm working distance. Class II laser light spot for tiny marks
  • KT10-2:  High speed and precise detection with permanent recording quality display  

Stable and design versatility with pattern recognition technology Markless Sensors

  • ML20: Durable metal housing, rapid 7 m/s scanning speed, Ethernet process quality monitoring and simple teach-in and alignment

Accurate surface colour detection with SICK Colour Sensor technology

  • CSM1: Efficiently compact, allowing one colour to be saved with a 12.5mm sensing field and tolerance setting
  • CS8: High performance light spot accuracy with one to four colours saved at 12.55 to 60mm sensing distance. Rapid response time, high resolution colour and bar graph display  

Luminescence Sensors for fluorescent materials and marks

  • LUT1: Compact for up to 150mm long distance sensing with fast 6 kHz switching speed
  • LUT2-2: Miniature in plastic exterior and high sensitivity
  • LUT3-6: Durable metal casing for standard applications
  • LUT8: Versatile with easy 8 stage sensitivity adjustment for every application
  • LUT9: Exceptional capability of up to 250mm range with luminescence intensity bar graph display

Rapid alignment and installation with exceptional ambient light immunity Fork Sensors  

  • UF: Precision recognition of transparent, opaque or printed labels regardless of metallic foils
  • WFnext: Fast 100 µs maximum response time for high speed processes with a variety of fork widths and depths
  • WFL: Accurate targeting of small items with minimum detectable object size of 0.05 mm  
  • WFM: Plug and play design for immediate integration and ease  
  • WFS: Flexible IP 65 plastic casing that is mountable for labelling applications

Array Sensors compatible with edge and diameter detection

  • Ax20: High detection of diameter, width and gap detection in different objects and positioning of edge material  

Register Sensors controls and compliments Contrast Sensors

  • RS10: Ensured detection of marks in difficult print conditions with low contrast, complex printouts or extreme speeds

Continuous reliable detection, SICK Registration Sensors streamline operations with accuracy and efficiency for a variety of automation processes in manufacturing and industrial applications.

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