Precision Automated Identification and Measurement with Vision Solutions

Intelligent vision automation solutions from SICK deliver continuous and reliable measurement and identification in industrial applications.

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Solving difficult vision applications, SICK intelligent sensors and systems deliver precision measurement, detection, inspection and identification within automated processes.

Simple to use and a complete solution with Vision Sensors

Effortlessly integrate vision sensors to determine position and fulfilment of products in high speed processes.

  • Inspector Series: Highly developed vision sensor with simple to use design for accurate positioning, inspection and measurement
  • CVS Series: Detection and distinguishing of colours as well as option of date, time, string and batch number

Stand-alone and self-contained Smart Industrial Vision Cameras (IVC)

Vision Cameras are designed flexible with a user friendly graphical interface for accurate inspection, identification, measurement and robot guidance in industrial applications.                                    

  • IVC-2D: Industrial power for complex measuring and detection
  • IVC-3D: Leading 3D intelligence with the first camera able to measure height, shape and volume

Advanced speeds and quality with High-End Cameras

The intelligent Ranger and Rule cameras offer rapid 3D and MultiScan properties for demanding industrial systems.

  • Ranger Series: High performance in difficult environments with ability to measure 3D products include gray scale and laser scatter at high speeds

Continuous high performance in industrial applications, SICK Vision Sensors, Smart Cameras and High End Cameras are a complete solution for complex automated applications.

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