Precision Accelerometers for Vibration, Test and Measurement from Applied Measurement Australia

Single, duel and triaxial sensors available

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Applied Measurement have the widest range of accelerometers available from some of the most reputable manufacturers including Measurement Specialties and Jewell Instruments covering from the OEM right up to Servo Accelerometers. Servicing such industries as Automotive, Aerospace, Industrial, Rail, Defence, Motorsport, Marine, OEM and more.

Available in a wide range of outputs with single, duel and triaxial sensors available
There are two classes of accelerometers: AC-response and DC-response types. In an AC-response accelerometer, as the name implies, the output is AC coupled. An AC coupled device cannot be used to measure static acceleration such as gravity and constant centrifugal acceleration. It is only suitable for measuring dynamic events. A DC-response accelerometer, on the other hand, is DC coupled, and responds down to zero Hertz. It therefore can be used to measure static, as well as dynamic acceleration. Choosing the right kind can make a critical difference in your application.

The LCA-100 series accelerometer is a general-purpose device designed for industrial, commercial and aerospace sensing requirements

The JEWELL LCM accelerometer is a general-purpose acceleration sensor for industrial, commercial and aerospace applications. Engineered with micro-machined components the LCM offers an attractive price/performance ratio. 

If space is a concern, the LSM series is the accelerometer solution for you. It offers equivalent features to the LCA in a smaller package – approximately 1″ cube. Its wide input range and bandwidth features meet the demanding needs of a variety of aerospace applications.

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