Portable Cameras from Hidden Camera Surveillance Services

Hidden Camera Surveillance Services offer Portable Cameras that opera via motion detection and are camouflaged and battery operated.


Surveillance Systems
The new portable camera from Hidden Surveillance Services is a battery operated motion sensing covert camera built into a weatherproof and camouflaged housing. These portable surveillance cameras work in colour by day and infrared by night.

Benefits of Portable Security Cameras
These portable outdoor hidden cameras takes a series of pre programmed time and date stamped high resolution images silently when motion is detected. These images are stored to an internal SD type memory card.

  • Easy to use
  • 2GB memory card and 8 AA batteries ((rechargeable if preferred) is provided
  • Stores up to 2000 or more images
  • Each image is time and date stamped to the day, hour and second
  • Provided with accessories including a tree or post mounting belt and a mini monitor interface which plugs into the base of the camera

Applications of Portable Camera Systems
These portable cameras are suitable to be used by councils to catch culprits responsible for bush dumping, graffiti and flora destruction as the camera can remain on standby for up to 80 days. The camera is also ideal for property owners as a solution to theft problems.

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