Polyurethane Custom Mouldings from Richmond Wheels and Castors

Producers of a selection of customised polyurethane mouldings which are of equal quality to other st

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Richmond Wheels and Castors core capabilities extend well beyond wheels and castors and since 1981, we have been producing high quality Poyurethane mouldings and products for a broad range of industries.

Polyurethane Custom Mouldings from Richmond Wheels and Castors
Richmond’s design capability can match the Hardness, Wear Resistance, Load Bearing and Speed characteristics for all your polyurehtane custom mouldings and other polyurethane needs. The high quality polyurethane used to create Richmond’s custom pipe rollers reduces the surface damage of protective coatings on pipes. Richmond utilises a wide range of polyurethane systems in order to satisfy your requirements. Richmond Wheels and Castors will also do:

  • TDI Moulding
  • MDI Moulding
  • PPDI in polyester Moulding
  • Polyether Moulding
  • Polycaprolactone Moulding

Richmond Wheels and Castors has formulations to provide economic and succesful solutions from the simple to the high end and most demanding.

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