Polytube Heat Exchangers for Food Processing from Hipex

Hipex polytube heat exchangers are rugged and versatile and is one of the most common heat transfer exchangers in the market

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The Polytube is one of the most common heat transfer exchangers. Rugged and flexible, these Polytube Heat Exchangers are available in various sizes and styles to suit any heating or cooling application.

Industrial Food Processing and Oil Heat Exchangers

Hipex can manufacture various poly tube heat exchangers from smaller units used for food processing, to larger units designed for heating oil.

  • Polytube is an array of tubes welded or bolted into a compact bundle within a shell
  • Tubes are expanded and welded into the tube plates
  • The tubes and shell are fully welded on most Hipex Polytubes as this reduces gasket maintenance and creates a tube path more suitable for food
  • Smaller units usually have corrugated shells

The versatile Polytube Heat Exchangers can be used for heating, cooling, steam heating or for direct expansion in refrigeration. Tube plates can be built in a variety of sizes for different termination types.

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