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Pneumatic safety valves for industrial and commercial applications

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The pneumatic safety valve from Festo ensures all bases are covered in the event of a sudden emergency stop in critical pneumatic safety zones

Pneumatic safety valve
In the area of pneumatics, there is increasing demand for safety products. Festo offers users a certified and tested unit that can be integrated into new or existing circuits, either stand alone or housed in an air preparation module. As a supply device providing a safe exhaust function, it offers a large number of possibilities for applications up to category 4, with compliance to AS 4024 Category 4 approval.

Handling the pressure
This pneumatic safety valve with integrated soft start is used as a central unit to supply machines and installations with compressed air. Based on a dual 3/2-way configuration with integrated safety relay, it is a self checking inherently safe redundant system in accordance with AS 4024 Category 4 and ISO 13849-1 Performance Level “e” ensuring the pneumatic safety objective of a “safe exhaust function”, even if malfunctions occur in the valve.

Protection for workers in danger areas
Since machine safety is a key OH&S issue, if there is a sudden emergency stop, the most important thing is
to ensure the safety of people and machines. In this case the pneumatic safety valve gives certification for the requirements of a Category 4 safe system.   

Key features of the pneumatic safety valve:

  • Fast and reliable venting in the event of a sudden emergency stop in safety-critical areas of the system
  • Quick exhausting for the fastest possible pressure reduction in the system
  • Soft Start ensures smooth movements when the system is started up again, prevents hard impacts and therefore protects the mechanical components.
  • Exhaust capacity of 6,000 l/min
  • Easy installation with an individual unit or modular for a complete system solution
  • The MS6-SV offering peace of mind

The redundant design of the valve provides single-fault safety, even if a fault occurs in the valve, this does not lead to a loss of safety function in terms of safe exhausting of the installation.

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