Pneumatic safety valves for optimum safety

neumatic safety valves ensure all bases are covered in the event of a sudden emergency stop in critical pneumatic safety zones

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safety valves ensure all bases are covered in the event of a sudden emergency
stop in critical pneumatic safety zones. As a supply device providing a safe
exhaust function, the MS6/MS9-SV safety valve series offers a large number of
possible applications and benefits, more importantly certification for Category
1, 3, & 4 safe systems and Performance level c, d & e.

machine safety is a key OH&S issue, if there is a sudden emergency stop,
the most important thing is to ensure the safety of people and machines.
Dangers of injury and machine downtime have to be avoided.

integrated functions of the safety valves MS-SV are setting standards, systems
can be de-energised in a matter of seconds thanks to reliable quick exhaust with zero residual pressure. Common to all
safety valves is the integrated soft
start function
that ensures the system is able to restart gently and

Safety valves for high
safety level requirements


  • 2-channel exhaust valve with integrated position sensing and self-monitoring
  • 淧lug and work solution – no need to integrate the solution into a
    safety PLC
  • Certified to DIN EN ISO 13849-1, Category 4, Performance Level E
  • High reliability thanks to redundant design (single fault system)
  • Great flexibility for installation whether as a part of the MS
    module or stand alone
  • Connection for AS-interface


  • 2-channel on-off and exhaust valve
    with integrated position sensing
  • Category 3 & 4, Performance Levels 渄 and E possible with programming on the safety PLC required
  • Can be seamlessly integrated into a service unit MS6
  • Economical alternative to the MS6-SV-E – same design and also suitable for
    the highest safety requirements
  • Suitable for those who don need the full functionality of the intelligent
    MS6-SV-E version
  • Affordable for OEM who manufacture series produced

Safety valves for
medium safety level requirements


  • Single channel design
  • Category
    1, Performance Level “c”
  • Adjustable pressure switchover
  • High flow rates
  • Seamless integration into MS
    service units

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