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The marriage of science and technology has spawned a number of breakthroughs in various industries.

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The marriage of science and technology has spawned a number of breakthroughs in various industries

Particulate monitoring – especially nanoparticles – has benefited as much as any other practice from the digital revolution. Industrial hygiene and indoor air quality are two areas that have gained an advantage through innovative tools that allow for quick on-site measurements to provide accurate, instantaneous readings.

Mobile testing

Toxic gases and fuel exhaust both have the potential to seriously harm people if left unchecked. Nanoparticles specifically can be detrimental to pulmonary systems and can cause a wide range of devastating effects.

The NanoMet3 can be used for any vehicle

The Testo NanoMet3 is a portable emissions measurement system (PEMS) that offers on-site testing of nanoparticles, as well as counting and classification. Designed to test exhaust from any make and model vehicle, the NanoMet3 provides a raw particle gas concentration of 1E4 to 3E8 pt/ccm.

It’s ideal for analysing solid nanoparticles of 10 to 700 nanometres (nm) and is in compliance with the Particle Measurement Programme (PMP). The data collected is stored onboard and can be easily transfered to a computer with the help of an SD-card or similar devices. The NanoMet3 offers ultimate versatility in that it’s mobile, as well as 1,000 hours of use before it needs servicing.

Clean air

Aerosols, dust and other fumes can be similarly dangerous in workplace settings. Monitoring the indoor air quality of any warehouse or job site is vital to fulfilling workplace health and safety regulations.

The DiSCmini is a handheld diffusion size classifier

Handheld diffusion size classifiers are essential for environmental testing. The testo DiSCmini provides portable nanoparticle monitoring for a variety of situations:

  • Personal exposure.
  • Workplace assessment.
  • Filtration testing.
  • Air pollution mapping.

The key with the DiSCmini that other diffusion size classifiers don’t offer is its ease of use. Though it’s compact, it can effectively provide accurate analysis of particle number concentration, lung-deposit surface area and average particle diameter. It simplifies a task that can sometime get more complex than it should, and lasts the whole work day with its eight hour battery life. Similar to the NanoMet3, the DiSCmini also offers onboard storage and seamless transfer of data to a computer through an SD-card.

With many particle monitors already highly accurate, Testo took a different route with the NanoMet3 and DiSCmini: Mobility.

Don’t let physical constraints stop you from doing your job. Go with a tool that adapts to your situation, while still providing best-in-class analysis.

Contact a Testo representative today to learn more.

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