Physical Measurement and Non Destructive Testing Equipment

A wide range of Physical Measurement and Non Destructive Test Equipment from TechRentals available for rent or purchase with many applications.


TechRentals offers the most comprehensive range of test equipment for physical measurement and non destructive testing all available for rent. These testing devices are ideal for large industrial plant installation commissioning and maintenance.

Effective, accurate physical and non destructive testing

  • Conduct materials testing and distance measurement and surveying for large industrial plant installation commissioning and maintenance
  • Analyse structures and monitor dynamic systems
  • Instant diagnosis of pipeline damage and identify blockages and pinpoint exact location and cause
  • Perform pressure and humidity testing
  • Magnify and capture high speed footage and images 
  • Measure the status of concrete and determine structural strength, corrosion and location of reinforcement

Comprehensive range of Physical or Non Destructive Testing with Test Equipment 

  • Pressure transducers, humidity transducers, 1Bar transducer, 40Bar transducer
  • Laser distance measurement, digital callipers
  • Multi directional lasers, stroboscopes, tachometers, pipeline inspection systems
  • Drain inspection system, video pipe inspection system, inspection cameras, endoscopes
  • Fiberscopes, microscopes, video microscopes, high speed digital cameras, motion meter
  • Viscometers, materials, vibration analysis, accelerometers, ground vibration loggers
  • Explosion loggers, alignment analysis, gloss measurement, gloss meters, brake testers
  • Porosity detectors, adhesion testers, surface roughness gauges, moisture meters
  • Concrete test hammers, concrete cover meters, rebar locators, hardness testers, load cells
  • Height gauge callipers, radar guns, laser range finders, laser speed guns, rotating laser level
  • Concrete testing, inclinometers, force gauges, torque wrenches, crane scales, density meters
  • Motion scopes, pressure vacuum gauges, differential pressure transducers, position transducers
  • Light transmittance meters, ultrasonic flaw detectors, coating thickness testers, thickness gauges

Quallity products from leading brands

  1. B&K, Rion, Exfo, Vivax, Gloi, Hilti, Proceq, Wohler, Olympus
  2. Hioki, Profound, GE Panametrics, Defelsko, Futek, Phantom, Gloi
  3. Novatech, Phantom, Pruftechnik, DataTaker, Druck, Fluke

Business owners will be able to respond to sudden demands during peak periods for those unexpected projects with the ability to rent the latest technology from TechRentals.

TechRentals has introduced a new range of vibration and GPS loggers designed to measure vibrations on machinery. 

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