Physical Measurement and Non-destructive Test Equipment from TR TechRentals


Physical or Non Destructive Testing

The TR difference is the friendly expert advice you’ll receive from our technical applications team, extensive inventory and nationwide service and flexible solutions including rental, purchase, service and calibration.

Range of Measurement and Non Destructive Equipment from TR

TR’s range for hire or purchase includes:

Pressure transducers, humidity transducers, 1Bar transducer, 40Bar transducer, laser distance measurement, measuring wheel, surveying wheel, digital calliper, height gauge calliper, radar gun, laser range finder, laser speed gun, rotating laser level, multi-directional laser, stroboscope, tachometer, pipeline inspection system, drain inspection system, video pipe inspection system, inspection camera, endoscope, fiberscope, microscope, video microscope, high speed digital camera, motion meter, motion scope, pressure vacuum gauge, differential pressure transducer, position transducer, concrete testing, inclinometers, force gauges, torque wrench, crane scale, density meter, viscometer, materials, vibration analysis, accelerometer, ground vibration logger, explosion logger, alignment analysis, gloss measurement, gloss meter, brake tester, light transmittance meter, ultrasonic flaw detector, coating thickness tester, thickness gauge, porosity detector, adhesion tester, surface roughness gauge, moisture meter, concrete test hammer, concrete cover meter, rebar locator, hardness tester, load cells.

Applications for Measurement and Non Destructive Equipment

TR’s measurement and non destructive equipment have a broad range of applications including: 

Materials testing. Distance measurement and surveying, Large industrial plant installation commissioning and maintenance. Analysing structures and monitoring dynamic systems. Distance measurement and surveying. Instant diagnosis of pipeline damage. Identification of blockages, pinpointing exact location and cause. Scientific and industrial testing. Determining distance and slope. Mass measurements from milligrams to tonnes. Pressure testing applications. Humidity testing applications. Magnification. Capturing high speed footage and images. Measuring the status of concrete i.e. structural strength, corrosion, location of reinforcement. Large plant and machinery maintenance. Analysing vehicle performance. Monitoring dynamic systems. Laser Rotational Shaft Alignment. Non destructive testing.

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