Petrogen System’s Cutting Torches From PT Hydraulics

PT Hydraulic are the Australian distributors of the popular Petrogen system, an oxy gasoline cutting torch.


Reliable Cutting Tools
Sold in over 60 countries, Petrogen have been manufacturing oxy gasoline cutting torches for over three decades and has gained a reputation of being superior cutting systems.

PT Hydraulics are determined to bring this superior cutting systems into the mainstream, giving all people who cut steel an unbeatable new tool. Petrogen cutting torches are especially suited to those in the Demolition, Recycling and Scrapping Industries.

Cutting Torch
Whether making a precision cut through thin steel or slicing straight through 20 layers of rusted plate, you will always have the best cutting torches for the job.

The powerful flame carries heat all the way down the cut, jumping air gaps, cutting through layers and punching deep holes in seconds. It even cuts concrete backed steel without exploding the concrete.

Features of the Petrogen Cutting Machinery
The Petrogen System can make cuts that are impossible using acetylene or propane:   

  • 30cm mild steel shaft in 3 minutes
  • 10cm manganese steel dipper tooth shank in less than 1 minute
  • 10 gauge steel at 130cm per minute
  • Railroad rail in 40 seconds
  • 27cm armour plate at 16cm per minute
  • 25cm thick wall of nuclear service tank at 17cm per minute
  • Cement coated pipe, a fast clean bevel in a single pass
  • 2.5 mild steel plate at 56cm per minute
  • Straight hole through 25cm armour plate in 50 seconds

Safety Features of the Cutting Torch

  • Safest cutting torches ever built, unique design eliminates every major danger present in compressed gas fuels
  • Safely harnesses the power of ordinary petrol
  • Petrogen tank is hand pressurised to 20 psi with a small but steady supply of liquid petrol
  • Because the fuel is liquid all the way through the torch, there is no possibility of a back flash up the fuel line
  • The Petrogen System has many safety features that no compressed gas cutting systems can offer

Benefits of the Cutting Torches

  • Savings in Fuel: Using petrol available at any service station, the cutting torch can cut as much steel as 250 cubic feet of acetylene using less than 10L of petrol
  • Savings through Increased Productivity: Petrogen far outperforms standard acetylene cutters, meaning more work done in less time
  • Savings in Tip Life: Petrogen flame oxidises all steel, meaning there is no molten steel to clog tips, meaning with a little care a Petrogen tip can last for years
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