Panel Mount, Field Mount and Extra Large Digital Displays and Programmable Indicators from Instrotech Australia

These user friendly indicators include thirty customising options, related to their output and switch functions.


Instrotech make programmable indicators for most analogue and digital inputs for accurate measurement and display of temperature, pressure, strain gauge, level, flow, weight, frequency, volts, amps, speed, rate and total. 

The Instrotech range of indicators are available for AC or DC auxiliary supply

  • 21 different models of IP65 48 x 96 panel meters
  • 4, 5½, 6 and 8-digit LED display versions
  • 2 models of LCD loop powered indicators
  • 20, 38, 45, 57, 100 and 125mm large digit displays with 3 to 8 digits

Easy to read, large digital displays – Programmable Universal Models

  • Excellent visibility
  • Models 4001 and 5001 cover the majority of mA, mV, V, potentiometer, counting and speed inputs
  • Model 4006 caters for high AC volts display as well as AC amps from current transformers
  • The digital input 5012 Series includes quadrature inputs from shaft encoders
  • BCD, Binary and Grey Code are included in the parallel display Model 5002

There are 28 different options available to customise switching and output functions. Customers have the security of a proven range of displays all with a factory material and workmanship warranty. 

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