Over Belt Magnetic Separators from Magnet Sales Australia

The over conveyor belt magnetic separators are ideal for the removal of metal in recycled waste products

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Business Name: MSA Magnetics


Magnet Sales Australia distributes a range of high intensity over belt magnetic separators that are able to extract even the most ferrous pieces of contamination.

These overbelt self cleaning magnetic separators are placed at right angles to the conveyor belt, which allows for metal pieces to be collected by the magnet and cleaned by the moving belt.

Magnet Sales have 2 overbelt magnetic separators available, the Ferrite permanent magnets for extraction of larger ferrous materials and the Neodymium magnet for the removal of smaller metal fragments.

Accurate and powerful magnetic separation

  • Overbelt electromagnetic separators have been designed for extraction of heavier pieces of ferrous metals from the thick load of materials.
  • Iron separation from the product stream is extremely accurate due to the highly powerful extensive magnetic field.
  • No power source is needed, which allows for a lower cost continuous iron extraction process.
  • The biggest advantage of Magnet Sales Australia’s over belt magnetic separators is the low maintenance needed to ensure high quality separation.

Over conveyor belt metal separation

  • Trough conveyor belts
  • Flat conveyor belts
  • Slow moving conveyor belts
  • Fast moving conveyor belts
  • Inclining/declining conveyor belts

The over conveyor belt magnetic separators from Magnet Sales Australia are ideal for the removal of metal in recycled waste products.

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