Outdoor Range Of Sweepers From Tennant



– Effective in cleaning industrial facilities with large amounts of fine dust
– Optional Vacuum Wand enables cleaning of hard-to-reach places
– Power, 4-wheel steering gives the machine impressive manoeuvrability to easily sweep around obstacles and corners

ATLV LitterVac

– Removes litter, cans and broken glass from grass-covered grounds in parks or stadiums
– Hard surfaces such as asphalt and concrete quickly regain their visual appeal
– Vacuum nozzle with adjustable handle reaches to clean thoroughly alongside fences
– Large capacity hopper means much longer operation before debris dumping
– A 4-wheel stance provides greater stability, lessens the risk of tip-overs, and gives a smooth ride
– An optional vacuum wand enables operators to clean hard-to-reach places

Sentinel Litter Picker

– A vacuum wand (standard) extends from the rear of the machine to aid cleaning under benches, into or around planters and other hard-to-reach places
– Dry-dust control helps keep dust to a minimum. Highly effective panel filters remove and clean easily, without tools
– Outstanding performance and easy operation increase the productivity of your maintenance crews
– Pedestrian friendly litter vacuum is quiet and controls dust to minimise nuisance to pedestrians
– Outstanding visibility and control make manoeuvring in tight spaces and near pedestrians easy

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