OTB Products Safety System, Tools and Equipment

Durable and high-quality search system tools and equipment from OTB Products ensure ease-of-use for a wide range of search and rescue applications.

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OTB Products maintain the highest quality of products and equipment while remaining competitively priced and offering both safety and durability.

The Hasty Search Kit is the ultimate all in one search system and rescue kit that is specifically configured for:

  • Urban search and rescue teams
  • Rescue squads
  • Regional task forces
  • USAR and international SAR teams

This all in one technical search system is ideal for deployment to all central, regional and urban fire brigades

  • High quality
  • Easy-to-use
  • Offers the ability to provide rapid response to search and rescue situations

The Hasty Search Kit from OTB Products includes the Delsar Life Detector mini system that provides seismic detection of victims and all the new SearchCam recon III features for visual search and location operations.

The SearchCam 3000 locates victims trapped in collapsed buildings, equipped with an articulating waterproof camera head

  • LED lighting pinpoints victims location so that rescuers can extract them
  • On-screen graphics direct the rescue team to where and how to begin extraction
  • Features two-way audio
  • Voice and video recording capabilities
  • Still photo camera

Rugged, durable and mobile the SearchCam 3000 from OTB Products is lightweight and portable

  • Constructed using aircraft aluminium
  • Hard, anodized finish
  • Interchangeable tube sets connect used threaded couplers
  • Quick-Disconnect Cameras switch from colour to infrared
  • 240 Articulating Camera Head
  • Waterproof camera up to 23 metres
  • Expandable tube sets camera extends from 36cm to 6m
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