Opto-electronic Protective Devices from SICK

Opto-electronic Protective Devices from SICK intelligence of absolute productivity and efficiency for your machines and systems.


Optimising machine and system efficiency, SICK’s Opto-electronic Protective Devices offer ensured safety without disruption to materials handling or transport as well as offering clear equipment view.

Industrial protection with compact Safety Laser Scanners

  • Highly configurable switchable field sets protection and warning fields
  • Various protective field ranges from 1 m to 7 m depending on family
  • Focus on personal safety with selectable resolution for limb or body detection
  • Incorporated with EFI interface for secure and intelligent SICK device communication
  • System plug features configuration memory
  • Speed-dependent field switching capable with enhanced incremental encoder
  • PROFINET IO safe bus system direct integration

Versatile Safety Light Curtains for access protection in hazardous areas

  • Cascade up to three systems
  • Effective control with external device monitoring (EDM) and restart interlock (RES)
  • Improved information control using 7-segment display for diagnostics
  • Correct system allocation capable with beam coding
  • Designed with lowered resolution, blanking functions and EFI/SDL interface
  • Comprehensive range of standardized connection and mounting accessories
  • Quality assurance with IEC 61496 and EN ISO 13849 certified standards

Simple to integrate Safety Camera Systems for ensured safety

  • Certified performance to SIL (IEC 61508, EN 62061) and PL (EN ISO 13849) benchmarks
  • Flexible field size protection options from 0.4 m x 0.4 m to 1.5 m x 1.5 m
  • Electro-sensitive intelligent camera system with up to 2.12 m scanning range
  • All inclusive solution with integrated sender and receiver
  • Simple user-centric operation with one-button commission
  • Exceptional field flexibility with automatic alignment
  • Enhanced with Restart/Reset and EDM

Efficient safety control using Multiple Light Beam Safety Devices

  • Vast scanning capacity of up to 70 m
  • Integrated with EDM, restart interlock (RES) and application diagnostic output (ADO)
  • Durably designed for industrial applications
  • Easy device configuration and rapid diagnostics with 7-segment display
  • Beam coding for correct system allocation
  • Laser alignment aid and optional LED integration
  • Available with economical active/passive options to reduce wiring costs

Single Beam Photoelectric Safety Switches for demanding application conditions

  • A wide variety of compact models for use in temperatures from –40 to +55
  • Broad ranges of up to 70 m
  • Universal use up to Type 4, with safety control solutions from SICK
  • Durable with IP 67 enclosure rating, EN ISO 13849 and EN 61496 compliance

Ensuring that your safety protection technology is always performing at maximum productivity and efficiency, SICK Upgrade Kits are also available to advance your existing SICK system.

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