Optical sensors


Banner Engineering has a wide range of innovative photoelectric, laser distance measurement and fibre optic sensors to solve a wide variety of challenges in industrial automation.

Photoelectric sensors in diffuse, opposed and retroreflex configurations provide innovative non-contact solutions for a variety of applications. Banner Engineering photoelectric sensors from Turck are available in a wide range of housing designs, with materials and features designed for optimum performance in the specialist applications and environmental needs of most industries.

Laser distance measurement sensors use either triangulation or time of flight measurement principles to measure the distance to the target object. With easy to use intuitive displays and controls Banner laser measurement devices from Turck help to make the most complex application requirements simple.

Fibre optic sensors suitable for use with glass or plastic optic fibres are used when the detection point is difficult to access due to space, weight, temperature, environmental and or flexing requirements.

Colour, contrast, luminescence and slot sensors are commonly used in packaging and labelling applications but also are ideal in many other applications. For intelligent sensors to detect visible and invisible registration marks, for product sorting and for label gap detection you can’t go past Banner sensors from Turck.

Light screens are used when detection is required over a wide area and normal sensors cannot be positioned to detect in all eventualities. With a variety of scanning heights and resolutions Banner Engineering light screens from Turck are the ideal choice when you need to monitor larger areas. Standard light screens cannot be used for machine safety.

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Q5X high power, mid-range laser sensor


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