New WASP Stability Protection Unit from PT Rescue

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PT Rescue
has expanded their product offering to include the new WASP Stability Protection

(Warning Alarm for Stability Protection) is an innovative, portable, light
weight and simple to use monitoring system suitable for various emergency
scenarios. Set up takes just seconds and it can deployed in a range of
positions due to its various attachment capabilities. Once set up, it provides
a visual and audible early warning detection system for any movement or
vibration that could potentially put rescue personnel and/or the public in

Developed in the UK by
experienced fire fighters in conjunction with DATUM, a structural monitoring
specialist company, the WASP is designed to meet the rigorous and precise
technical specifications for use in the harshest of rescue environments.
Designed to detect the slightest movement, the WASP is ideal for use in
collapsed buildings and structures, structural fires, road traffic accidents
and collapsed trenches. Structural and mechanical failures and disturbances can
also be monitored using the WASP.

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