New Aura Long Range Thermal Imaging Camera


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The Aura LR is a long range binocular-style Thermal Imaging Camera
(TIC) and is one of the smallest and lightest handheld TIC available.

Helping to see the unseen from kilometres away the Aura LR can
assist in search & rescue, man overboard, security and law enforcement
operations. The Aura LR can detect a vehicle or boat from several kilometres
and can detect a person from up to 1000m and has a battery working duration of
10 hours before re-charging is required.

Unlike traditional night vision, thermal imaging
technology detects radiation and temperature differences. Due to the Aura
LR ability to detect the slightest difference in heat signatures and display
these differences as varying shades of colour, the Aura LR TIC is ideal for use
in both day and night time operations.

Search and Rescue Operations

objects, such as humans, are excellent radiators of heat. As a result, thermal
imaging can be used in search and rescue operations to cover large areas
quickly and accurately with less manpower. Searching for a person can be
conducted efficiently during darkness or full sun light using the Aura LR
Thermal Imaging Camera. The Aura LR can help assist search efforts in
mountainous terrain, large fields, parks, near roadways and even in
wooded areas. Furthermore, provided the casualty is not fully submerged, the
Aura LR will detect body heat during search and rescue operations in and around
water. By combining the use of the TIC with spotlights and flashlights,
rescuers can search bodies of water more quickly and more effectively.

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