Multichannel Pipettes from John Morris Scientific

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Gilson have recently released the Pipetman Neo Multi, an adjustable volume pipette for high throughput applications. The Neo Multichannel is available with 8 or 12 channels and an option of 2-20 µL and 20-200 µL respectively.

Benefits of Gilson Multichannel Pipettes

  • Precision – Gilson’s patented piston drive mechanism ensures that the pressure is applied simultaneously across each piston. This ensures consistency in the volume being distributed by each channel. Its handle minimises the hand warming effect, meaning that liquids are kept in the tip, and not dripping onto the bench.
  • Universal Tip Compliance – The Pipetman Neo Multi is compatible with the most commonly used tips on the market.
  • Comfort – For enhanced comfort, ejection forces are applied over each tip sequentially. This also reduces the risk of repetitive strain injury.

The legendary robustness of the Pipetman in a multichannel model means it is built to last and meets customers’ environmental concerns as well as restricted budgets.

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