Multi Purpose CNC Routers by Advanced Robotic Technology (ART)

CNC Routers are able to be tailored to suit your specific needs. Most machinable materials are able to processed at high speeds and modified to suit your material size.

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Australia’s premier manufacturer of CNC routers and plasma cutters, Advanced Robotic Technology (ART), offers a range of CNC Routers for a diverse range of industries including HVAC&R, woodworking, aluminium processing, mining, ship and boat building, general engineering, ducting, transport and many more.

Aluminium Routers
ART Aluminium Routers have been specifically designed for processing aluminium sheet and plate up to 20 metres in length.

This range offers rigid cutting with high feed rates, inkjet part numbering and alignment marking, in built swarf transfer system and high powered liquid cooled spindles. ART Aluminium Routers reduce production time and material wastage, increasing your profit margins.

The latest SMART XR4800 Router from Advanced Robotic Technology is suitable for air conditioning, heating, sign writing ventilation and ducting in air manufacturing applications.

The CNC router cuts insulated duct board, plastic, wood, aluminium and foam as well as many more materials and is a cost effective solution.

SMART XR4800d Routers for HVAC&R Industry
These routers are also built for air conditioning, heating, ventilation and refrigeration applications in the HVAC&R industry.

With the performance of CNC flatbed routers and a fourth axis to run tooling suited to process insulated duct board, the XR4800d routers provide automated cutting of duct board panels.

Nested-Based Cabinet Making Routers
Specifically configured NBM routers for cabinet making applications, they automatically draw, optimise, cut and drill all panels and include:

  • 24000rpm spindle
  • 32mm multi drills
  • Directional air jets
  • Rotary tool changer
  • Internal extraction ducting
  • Automatic unloader and deck sweeper
  • Pop-up sheet locators

Multi Purpose CNC Routers
Advanced Robotic Technology offer CNC routers that can be customised for individual requirements. The routers can work with most machinable materials and sizes at high speeds.

iCam 5-Axis Profile Machining Centres
Using a complete digital servo drive system, the iCam CNC machining centres allows rapids, feed rates and spindle rpm to be changed on the fly for full control.

  • Spindle unit includes ceramic bearings and is liquid cooled with a standalone refrigeration unit, providing the ability for a 100% duty cycle
  • Features a workable Y- and Z-axis process area of 500mm x 500mm with standard and custom X-axis available

Integrated Tool Changing Systems
Advanced Robotic Technology offers their integrated tool changing system, a 10-tool linear bar for routers to perform difficult jobs using many tools without an operator.

CNC tables from ART include an onboard easy to use touch screen controller with their ProfileShop controller software. The software can work with industry standard G-Code and NC Code as well as tool path generation software.

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