MSA Pro-Lift Lifting Magnets – Safe and Reliable!

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Don’t let their small size fool you!

The Pro-Lift Lifting Magnets are a powerful tool designed for moving heavy steel sections, beams, and components. These magnets allow for operators to lift steel material safely and easily on and off trucks, cutting beds, guillotines, saws, etc. 

Not only do the Pro-Lifts substantially save time and allow for increase in production, they also greatly reduce WHS risks such as back injury caused by lifting heavy steel objects.

The Pro-Lifts are one of the safest lifting magnet designs in Australia.

Benefits & Applications:

  • High quality and engineered with the operator in mind.
  • Conforms with Australian Standard AS 4991-2004 Lifting Devices when fitted with safety latch.
  • Load Test Certificates available upon request

Safety Advantages:

  • All units are fitted with an additional spring-loaded safety latch that prevents the load being discharged should the button on the handle be bumped or inadvertently activated.
  • MSA is concerned about safety – each Pro-Lift Lifting Magnet is provided with a complete Safety & Instructions Manual.


  • 100kg • 300kg • 500kg • 600kg
  • 1000kg • 2000kg • 3000kg

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