MSA Magswitch MagSquares – Fabricate Angles at Top Speed!

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Welders and fabricators are raving about all the uses, convenience, and time savings with Magswitch MagSquares. MagSquares are extremely powerful on off magnetic blocks with strong holding force available on all sides. Welders have never enjoyed this complete control over incredibly strong magnets (1,000 lbs (454 kg) on the MagSquare 1000). Once you understand all the uses, the time savings in set ups, and the ability to control these powerful magnetic blocks – you will want the entire range.

Benefits & Applications:

  • Super-fast setups, instant work-holding
  • On/off control—no fighting the magnet, precise positioning & control.
  • Instant work-holding anywhere on a steel surface
  • Create your own fabrication jigs by mounting in M5, M6 or M10 holes.
  • Mounts anywhere – no limitations like clamps. Mounts to flat, pipe and round surfaces.
  • Magnetic grip on 5 sides—strong on 3 sides
  • Pipe notch
  • Includes pre-tapped holes on all sides to mount accessories, jigs and tools
  • Machined for precise 90-degree angles

Safety Advantages:

  • Stays clean—unlike traditional magnetic squares that hold on to metal chips even when turned off, with Magswitch, you won’t cut your fingers cleaning away steel debris.

Sizes Available include:

  • MagSquare 165
  • MagSquare 400
  • MagSquare 600
  • MagSquare 1000

To Purchase/More Information:

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