MSA Magswitch Magnetic Hand Lifters


Magswitch Hand Lifters can not only save your back and your fingers, but also increase your productivity, efficiency, and time on the job. The Magnetic Hand Lifters consists of the 60-M Manual Lifter, 60-CE Cordless Electric Lifter, Dual Hand Lifters, and Single Hand Lifters. Tackle flat, round, or uneven steel surfaces easily with these tools!

Benefits & Applications:

  • Simple 180 degree turn of a knob to turn the magnet ON/OFF for fast and efficient steel transport.
  • Pipe groove for transporting various size pipe.
  • Strong magnet allows transport of heavier material.
  • Shallow field magnet de-stacks thin steel
  • Fast pick up and transport of small steel loads.
  • No need to manhandle steel or fight magnets in moving steel.
  • More powerful – better resistance to pry off
  • One-handed operation for harder to reach parts
  • Ideal for small steel handling, dragging sheets, picking, placing & pulling parts out of burn table or handling scrap.

Safety Advantages:

  • Super strong magnet gives you added security in handling heavy steel.
  • No more picking up sharp or hot steel with your hands.
  • Pick, place, slide, and position steel without using your fingers

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