MSA Magnetic Head Pulley Conversion – Most Powerful in the World!

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Benefits & Applications:

  • Effectively removing nails and metal pieces from woodchips and pallet grinding.
  • Popular in recycling plants and quarries
  • Protection of crushers
  • Protection of paper shredders Ideal as secondary complimentary magnet down stream of overbelt/suspension magnets
  • Assists with conveyor belt tracking.
  • High-Energy Rare-Earth Magnets—standard & maximum super high strength options
  • Small increase in diameter & weight of pulley.
  • A low-cost option to the purchase of new, conventional magnetic pulley types

Safety Advantages:

  • Improves product purity
  • Continuous, automatic separation of magnetic and non-magnetic material.
  • Prevents damage to expensive downstream machinery such as shredders, crushers, mills, pulverisers, and grinders.
  • Prevents damage to conveyor belts caused by sharp metal pieces – this is especially a risk at discharge points.
  • Reduces downtime, maintenance, and repair costs to damaged downstream equipment and conveyor belts
  • Reduces amount of product sent to landfill
  • Potential savings from avoiding unnecessary landfill
  • Low-cost operation – permanent magnet requires no additional power to operate.
  • Simple installation.
  • High Energy Rare Earth RE80™ Magnets—standard & super high strength deep field options

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