MSA Cable-Mate Magnetic Lead Holder – High Strength!


A revolutionary product which assists in meeting WH&S obligations to provide a safe place of work. The MSA Cable-Mate can be used as a temporary or permanent installation either above or below ground.

Benefits & Applications:

  • Fast, no-fuss rerouting of cables (time saving)
  • Ability to organise and store cables in a safe practical location
  • Although strong, they are easy to remove and place elsewhere
  • Holds cables out of the working area, providing ease of working.
  • High strength rare earth magnet
  • HDPE orange plastic adjustable strap
  • Supports 6+ cables

Safety Advantages:

  • Keeps floor spaces and/or work areas tidy
  • Provides a safer working area
  • Assists in meeting WHS obligations
  • Greatly reduces the risk of slips, trips, falls, and injury.
  • Reduces the risk of electrocution by holding cables up and out of wet areas.

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