MSA Cable-Buddy Magnetic Lead Holder – Light & Quick-acting!

Business Name: MSA Magnetics


Protect yourself and your co-workers from injury caused by cables and leads with the almighty, light, and quick acting Cable-Buddy.

 Benefits & Applications:

  • High visibility quick acting plastic lead clip
  • Supports multiple leads
  • Single unit supports approximately 5kg
  • High strength rare earth magnet
  • Protects cables/hoses from machine & foot traffic, resulting in return on investment by ensuring:
  • Less wear/damage
  • Longer lifespan of cables
  • Reduced maintenance costs in repairing/replacing damaged cables

Safety Advantages:

  • Keeps floor spaces and/or work areas tidy
  • Provides a safer working area Assists in meeting WHS obligations
  • Greatly reduces the risk of slips, trips, falls, and injury.
  • Reduces the risk of electrocution by holding cables up and out of wet areas

To Purchase/More Information:

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