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Machines want the same as their operator such as measurable productivity, efficiency and a long service life.

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Machines want the same as their operator
such as measurable productivity, efficiency and a long service life. These
needs can be met with the help of perfectly matching components from Festo. The
tars in Pneumatics are part of our standard product range and are
easy to find in the online catalogue; just look for the blue star. Cylinders,
drives, valves, sensors and accessories identified with a star all offer great
value for money, are readily available, and together they form a globally
uniform product range.

The stars in the Festo product range:

Standard cylinders with clever cushioning

Setting cylinders is a thankless task. The trial and error method
used during commissioning can be incredibly time consuming. With our PPS
technology, this is a thing of the past. The solution is as simple as it is
ingenious: small slots in the cushioning boss allow the compressed air to be
channelled out so that the piston can travel into the end positions dynamically
and gently. As a result you will always have the perfect cushioning settings,
installation is quicker and the system will be tamper-proof. At Festo we call
this the future of standard cylinders and engineers have been heard to remark
淔inally less hassle .

The best solenoid valve in its class

A wide range of standard functions, a sturdy, modern design, a long
service life and a low price – if that what you want from standard valves,
then the VUVG is the right solution for you.

The VUVG is a great option for everyone
who wants to keep things small or boost performance without increasing size. Mount individual valves directly on the robot arm or keep
them on the move with the handling axis. Obtain maximum flow rates in the
tightest of installation spaces and complete standard tasks
economically too. So much power and so many flexible mounting options, all of
this with a single valve range? Expansion options into a valve terminal with
individual, plug-in, multi-pin or fieldbus connection.

matching solutions for compressed air preparation

combine highly functional service units from our MS series to obtain air
preparation which precisely delivers the air quality you require. Our service
units allow you to reduce particles, water and oil to the permissible or
recommended concentration. Whether your application is standard or highly
demanding, our comprehensive concept means that you can combine only the
functions you need. Take advantage of
our pre-configured MS standard combination units to obtain a service unit which
is pre-assembled, fully tested and available for fast delivery. That way, you
don’t only reduce purchasing costs but also increase process reliability.

The new
standard Namur valve series

The all-new generation of
standard VSNC Namur Valves are certified world-wide in accordance to
explosion-protection standards. All you need is one Namur valve to suit a
single acting or double acting actuator and by simply rotating the seal 180 it
can be converted
from a 5/2-way to a 3/2-way.
In addition to the standard coil
range, an IEC-EX certified solenoid system provides protection
against potentially explosive environments. One the main features is the
re-breather function to help prevent internal actuator corrosion. It modern
design, durable quality and fully tested technology and materials make the VSNC
namur valves the state of the art valve for process automation.

Cylinder sensors to match standard stroke cylinders

The new position transmitters SDAT are economic and easy to set up.
These high performance pneumatic cylinder mounted sensors give accurate
position feedback for standard stroke lengths, enabling engineers and machine
builders to gain position feedback and conduct simple object measurement or
identification. There are five transmitters available with 50, 80,100,125 and
160mm sensing range perfectly matched with Festo standard stroke lengths. They
offer excellent repeatability, measuring absolute values such as lengths,
thicknesses and heights. They can be fitted easily to any cylinder with T-slot
and are an ideal match with the DSBC standard cylinders.

All of these products are part of the core product
programme from Festo but there are many other components along the pneumatic
control chain that are classified as tars too. With this range we ensure the
following benefits: an optimal price/performance ratio, quick availability and
uniformity worldwide. More information about the Stars in
can be found on the Festo website. 

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