Modular Ducting, Fume Arms and Rotary Valves from Ezi-Duct

Ezi-Duct Ducting Systems are Australian made and feature Modular Ducting, Flexible Ducting, Fume Arms, and Fume extraction Systems.

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Ezi-Duct ducting systems provides the best air flow of any ducts on the market and is the natural choice for dust collection and pneumatic conveying systems as it has a smooth bore tube with pressed 90º bends. 

Ezi-Duct Modular Ducting

  • Companies can cut costs considerably as Ezi-Duct modular ducting is so simple, quick and easy to install, installation time is cut down considerably
  • Many of Ezi-Ducts customers do the installation in house, without the need for outside contractors
  • Dust collection and pneumatic conveying systems can frequently block up so the advantages for using Ezi-Duct Modular ducting products is long term
  • As Ezi-Duct ducting simply clamps together, the customer can easily pull the system apart for cleaning if a blockage occurs
  • If a company changes its machinery or expands their duct system the ductwork can be reused again and again in different layouts
  • Ezi-Duct manufactures its ducting in Australia from Australian steel and supplies a huge range of ducting and ducting clamps, in galvanised, stainless steel and mild steel

Ezi-Flex Flexible Ducting Range

  • The Ezi-Flex product range is recognised as the highest quality range of flexible ducting on the world market
  • Manufactured in Germany, Ezi-Flex is constructed from the latest high quality polyurethane composite materials on the latest high tech machinery
  • The Ezi-Flex dust control product range is also one the largest available in the world

Dust and Fume Extraction Systems
Ezi-Duct also provides many other products such as:

  • Ezi-Arm fume arms and fans
  • Ducted exhaust fans
  • Dust extraction units
  • Ventilation Ducting Solutions
  • Rotary valves in both cast and fabricated types
  • Dust collectors and filters
Included in the range is a large range of industrial and commercial fans as well as filter cartridges and filter bags for all  dust extraction requirements.
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