Modular Cable Guiding Systems from Treotham

Modular cable guiding systems are designed to provide protection for your cables from getting jammed or hooked, dirt, filth and weld spray.


The Triflex R modular systems from Treotham allow for robots to have a range of motion across all three dimensions, allowing for the bending radius to be identical in each direction.

Protect your cables with effective guidance systems
The unique design of the Triflex R modular cable guidance systems provides a number of benefits:

  • The enclosed design of the modular cable guiding system protects it and ensures the long life and durability of the cables, preventing it from being exposed to weld spray, dirt and filth
  • The modular cable guiding system’s durability has been tried and tested, successfully completing 145,000 test cycle times
  • The ergonomically efficient design of the guiding system minimises the chances of it getting hooked or jammed as it glides around the outer contour of the robot
  • The difficult task of shortening or lengthening the energy chain systems at any point can also be performed by this modular cabling assembly thanks to its unique design which consists of a minimum number of parts

Easy assembly and hassle free installation
Cables and hoses can be easily installed into the modular guiding system.

  • Energy chain is capable of twisting to a high degree due to its unique trailer principle
  • Modular guiding system is small allowing it to be used in applications where there are confined installation spaces 
  • Fixing points located at its centre 
  • Exceptionally quick assembly, thanks to snap-on locks 
  • Equipped with adapted drill holes for standard type robots

The Triflex R Modular Cable Guiding System Range from Treotham is the ideal solution for protecting and ensuring the long life of your cabling.

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