Mobile Dust and Fume Extraction Unit from Polex

Polex e-MISSION Control Portable Dust and Fume Extractor is self cleaning, and used to clean and filter the air around construction sites.


The e-MISSION Control Mobile Dust and Fume Extraction Unit has been designed for a range of high performance uses, including filtering dust and fumes, resulting from welding, grinding and chemical odours. 

Mobile Dust and Fume Extraction Features

  • As a mobile dust extraction unit, the e-MISSION is excellently suited to continuous operation, coupled with a self-cleaning process during operation.
  • Its filters are made of Antistatic Spun Bonded Polyester.
  • The dust extraction equipment and fume extraction units are run by an electric motor starter, with start/stop push buttons, and an electronic timer for filter cleaning, an hour meter, and an alarm for changing filters.
  • E-MISSION’s  dust collection units and fume extraction systems are constructed from 1.2mm thick folded mild steel, and are powdercoated.

How Does the e-MISSION Mobile Dust and Fume Extraction Unit Work?

  • Polluted air enters through inlets in the top casing and is directed through a baffle, before being sent up through cartridge filters.
  • Larger dust particles drop out into the dust tray, and finer particles flow on into the cartridge dust filters. The cleaned air enters a chamber where the air tank and blow pipes are positioned.
  • Compressed air is injected through a solenoid valve which travels through the blow pipes and into the filters.This blast of compressed air causes dust to fall off the filters and collect in the tray below.
  • Clean air is then discharged into the atmoshpere through an activated carbon filter, or can be connected to discharge ductwork.

Other Features of e-Mission Dust and Fume Extraction Units

  • Reverse-Pulse cleaning
  • 2.2 kW Fan
  • Floor and Wall Mounting
  • Carbon Filter for Odour Removal
  • Cartridge Filters with 20 sqaure m² Total Filter Area
  • Heavy Duty Rubber Castor Wheels
  • Provision for 2 Fume Arms with dual arm and bottom fitting capabilities
  • Airflow 1400 m³/h to 2800 m³/h

For more information on the e-MISSION Control Mobile Dust Extractors and Fume Extraction Equipment, please visit the website at the link below.

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