MixRite – Water Driven Injector

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MixRite – Water Driven Injector

The MixRite is
a Volumetric dosing or metering pump. That is, it is water driven and the
concentrate is injected proportionally into the water flow. The entire flow of
water drives the motor piston, the flow can vary in volume or the pressure can
fluctuate but the chemical injected remains proportional to the water flow.

MixRite is one
of the first companies to Purpose Build water driven technology designed to be
used with harsh chemicals such as chlorine & acids.

The MixRite is
manufactured in Israel by Tefen

specific models are manufactured;

The CL range is
built to be used with Chlorine.

The CW range is
built to be used with chemicals typically used in the car wash industry.

PVDF models available
in certain flow and Injection ranges.

consideration must be given to make sure the correct MixRite is selected to
ensure compatibility with the chemicals to be injected.

Please contact
Dosing Systems Australia to ensure the right construction materials are
selected to meet the requirements of your process.

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