Mixchanger Heat Exchanger for Viscous Products from Hipex

Heat exchangers are used for controlling the temperature of food and chemical products. Making sure they are at safe temperatures

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Hipex has developed the Mixchanger heat exchanger which is ideally suited for heating and cooling viscous food and chemical products. The unique design of the heat exchanger delivers performance unrivalled by conventional tubular heat exchangers.

The clearance within the Mixchanger enables large particulates to be handled without blocking or significant loss in efficiency. The heat exchanger’s distinctive continuous mixing capability provides a much greater rate of heat transfer than can be achieved with other types of heat exchanger.

Continuous mixing improves heat transfer and reduces pressure loss

  • Heating vicous products is achieved high heat transfer coefficients where traditional methods of promoting turbulence have become inefficient
  • Unlike scraped surface heat exchangers, the Mixchanger has no moving parts
  • The unique central mixing element of the heat exchanger ensures continuous mixing, improving heat transfer and reducing pressure loss
  • Maintenance is minimal meaning fewer production hold ups
  • A single product channel improves flow distribution, product uniformity and makes for easier cleaning
  • Thoroughly tested and proven product

Heating and Cooling Equipment for Dairy, Spreads and Pet Food
The Hipex Mixchanger is ideally suited to products such as:

  • Tomato Paste, Orange Concentrate, Jam, Yoghurt Fruit, Chocolate Spread
  • Dairy Dessert, Custard, Vegetable Puree, Milk Concentrate, Rice Pudding
  • Pasta Sauce, Pet Food or Mango Puree

The Hipex range of heat exchangers includes Double Pipe, Shell and Tube and the Mixchanger which can be configured to suit your particular process requirements.

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