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Mining communication products for reliable and continuous communication in underground environments

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Minecom’s range of mining communication products to increase safety in hazardous environments and increase productivity. These underground and hazardous environment communication systems also improve staff safety, ensuring the operation runs efficiently, thus maintaining revenue and production levels.

Maintain communications and assist their operations with data transfer in mine sites and tunnels

  • Voice communication underground
  • Identify personnel location and identity in tunnels
  • Locate vehicles in tunnels
  • Automate equipment where cables would be costly or unavailable
  • Track valuable assets and locate missing machinery and personnel
  • Connect sites, systems and people through wireless communications technology
  • Provide communications for contractors and project staff
  • Provide access to restricted or hazardous areas
  • Controll the amount of people allowed into a confined area, such as a vehicle or train
  • Distributing voice, video or data underground with leaky feeder systems
  • Locate and monitor assets and vehicles with RFID tagging
  • Track or automate delivery and issuance of store items when released from a closed store environment

TR mining communication systems address the following issues: 

  • Miners safety
  • Underground communications
  • Blocked radio signals
  • Machinery tracking
  • Manually adjusting dangerous machinery
  • Manual opening pedestrian gates/doors latches and openings
  • Cable interference
  • Unsafe numbers in restricted areas
  • Connecting multiple sites
  • Asset and vehicle management
The mining communication systems act as an early warning system for a person entering hazardous locations, as well as ensuring the overall safety of staff in underground and mining operations.
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