Minimise Congestion with Traffic Management and Tunnel Sensors from SICK

SICK tunnel sensors effectively monitor and control emissions, and ensuring that ventilation systems operate efficiently


As roads and traffic become more congested, the need to continuously monitor pollution levels is increasingly important. SICK’s sophisticated traffic management sensors will form the basis of modern traffic management technology.

FLOWSIC200 Flow Speed Measuring Device for large distances

  • Made of titanium, stainless steel or die cast
  • Measurement of large distances possible
  • Respresentative measurement across the total tunnel width

HISIC450 Overheight Detector with anti corrosion properties

  • Anti-corrosion, cast aluminium housing
  • Weather protection against snow, rain and dust clouds
  • Sensitivity adjustment

VICOTEC320 Measuring device for NO2, NO, (CO optionally) and Visibility

  • Very low detection limits for NO and NO2
  • Automatic function monitoring and self颅 adjustment
  • Very sturdy design
  • Automatic beam alignment between sender/receiver unit and reflector
SICK has developed a range of intelligent traffic management sensors and detectors to monitor and manage tunnels for Air Pollution, Vehicle Exhaust Gases, Emission Monitoring, Dust Measurement and Gas Velocity Measurement.
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