Mine Safety Lights for the Mining Industry from SM Safety

Koehler-Brightstar lighting products have been purposely designed manufactured for use in the industrial mining sphere and improving workplace safety


Specialising in rechargeable lights, Koehler-Brightstar manufacture a range of lighting systems designed specifically for mine safety. Now available from SM Safety, Koehler-Brightstar also manufacture hand held portable lighting for the industrial and municipal markets.

Portable Mine Lighting Products Range
Razor LED Flashlights

  • IECEx Zone 0 approved. 60 Lumens and 1850+ Lux
  • Lightweight and waterproof
  • 3 AA Black model 60100 
  • 3 AA Orange model 60102

Worksafe Flashlights

  • Division 1 approved for hazardous locations
  • 2 D cell Model 2117
  • 2 D cell waterproof Model 2217
  • 3 D cell Model 2124
  • 3 D cell waterproof Model 2224
  • 6 volt waterproof Model 2206
  • 4AA headlamp model 2106

Responder Flashlights

  • Division 1 and Division 2 approved for hazardous locations
  • 3 AAA cell waterproof yellow model 19302 – with batteries
  • 2 AA cell waterproof yellow model 200302 – with batteries
  • 4 AA cell waterproof yellow model 200402 – with batteries
  • 2 C cell waterproof yellow model 200202
  • 3 C cell waterproof yellow model 19102
  • 3 C cell rechargeable model 19221
  • 4 C cell responder Rightangle with”BULBS FOR LIFE” Model 500305 Div 2 yellow and 500304 Div 1 Orange  with batteries
  • 4 C Cell responder Rightangle with “BULBS FOR LIFE” model 500242 Div 2 yellow and 500241 Div 1 Orange

Fire Lantern Rechargeable Spotlights

  • Lighthawk 4 cell LED – 7 hours run time 4000 lux
  • Lighthawk 6 cell Xenon – 3.5 hours run time with 120,000 candle power
  • Lighthawk 8 cell Xenon – 10 hours run time with 50,000 candle power dual filament bulb

Mining Caplamps by Koehler

  • Model 5300-G LED caplamp 110 lumes and 3550 lux, IEXEx zone 0 approved
  • 28 hours run time
  • Brightest LED caplamp in the world
  • Model 6400-LI powerful halogen and argon bulb caplamp IECEx Zone 0 approved – 16 hours run time

Mine Safety Lighting Systems for hazardous locations
Koehler-Bright Star continues the legacy of creating innovative lighting products that are used by professionals in hazardous locations. 

  • Designed to meet the most stringent lighting demands encountered in fire, safety and industrial applications
  • Lighthawk, Responder Right Angle, Responder Series, WorkSAFE and new RAZOR LED models utilise the latest materials and technology to comply with national and international safety standards
  • Koehler-Brightstar’s mine safety lights have earned the highest safety ratings possible from third party organisations

SM SAFETY is the Australasian distributor for KBS and stock all the major product lines including, Koehler approved caplamps with lithium ion batteries, Responder and Worksafe intrinsically safe torches and Lighthawk Lantern using lithium Ion battery technology.

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