Microwave Switches for Solid and Liquid Level Measurements from VEGA Australia

VEGAMIP 61 microwave switches or barriers are sturdy, immune to grime build up and are consistently dependable even in intense process conditions.

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The microwave barrier VEGAMIP 61 from Vega has been designed for the optimal functioning of systems and level meters especially developed for the requirements and special needs of the bulk solids industry. 

Since the microwave switch measures contactlessly, the level monitors have no direct contact with the medium, advantageous for abrasive products or high temperatures. In such cases the microwave switch can simply measure from the outside through a microwave-permeable window.

Insensitive to dirt, dust or build up, the VEGAMIP 61 detects even under rough process conditions

  • Robust and reliable
  • Also in the area of liquid level detection or object detection, the microwave barrier offers many advantages over other measuring principles
  • The microwave barrier consists of a VEGAMIP T61 transmitter and one or several VEGAMIP R61 receivers
  • The receiver measures the attenuation of the received microwave signal and generates a switching signal from it
  • VEGAMIP can be used as a maximum or minimum sensor
  • Switching delay can be set between 0.1 and 20 seconds
  • The microwave switch is fully integrated in VEGA’s plics concept and offers all the advantages of that modular system
  • Choose from various housings such as Plastic, Aluminium or Stainless Steel
  • Various antenna systems and process fittings available
  • The user can configure the sensor precisely to specific requirements

Whether its bulk solid level measurement and liquid level measurement, the VEGAMIP 61 microwave barrier or switch is able to reliably detect limit levels even under extreme process conditions.

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