Mentor Specialised LED Light Guide Systems by ERNTEC

Mentor’s specialised LED light guide systems from ERNTEC offer a uniform performance and require minimum repairs

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Available from ERNTEC, Mentor’s M-TUBE is the first LED light guide system that provides perfectly homogeneous light to the environment with just two LEDs. The LED light enters at the ends of a clear guide bar and is disipitated in a targeted way along an imprinted reflector line inside the bar.

Features of the Mentor M-TUBE LED Light Guide Systems

  • Extremely long service life of up to 50,000 hours
  • Zero or low cost intensive maintenance
  • Minimal heat generation and Higher energy efficiency
  • No warm up necessary
  • Modularity of the system and hence flexibility of use
  • RGB versions available
  • Plug and Play versions available

Applications of the Mentor M-TUBE LED Light Guide Systems
The small and compact design makes M-TUBE ready for use in a wide range of applications:

  • M-TUBE can provide an LED source for applications in which safety and reliability are top priority
  • Lower brightness and flexible versions can be used in decorative and Indirect ambience architectural applications
  • High Brightness versions can be used for larger area illumination

M-TUBE High Brightness (MT-HB)

  • Each MT-HB single module has high efficiency dragon LEDs (2 per unit)
  • Special Aluminium body for thermo management
  • Four standard lengths (100mm, 300mm, 500mm, 700mm)
  • Various colours (three shades of white, red, green and blue, RGB)
  • Two types of power connection (connecting leads or plug and light version with a mains plug)
  • MT-HB module can be combined with rigid or flexible M-TUBE light guides in various lengths

The M-TUBE LED light system can provide quality lighting options for applications requiring low energy consumption, extremely long life time without expensive servicing requirements and minimal heat generation.

From decorative and creative accentuation in architectural lighting to a wide variety of illumination applications the scope for M-TUBE is only limited by your imagination.

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