Medium Impact Safety Glasses, Goggles and Specs by OTB Products

Clear vision and reliable safety, OTB Safety Glasses and Goggles offer high protection and comfort.

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High quality Safety Glasses and Goggles made with precision technology, OTB range delivers essential protection and vision that complies with stringent AS/NZS 1337 medium impact regulations.

Comprehensive research and sourcing ensure that OTB offers you the best possible price for your requirements.

Enhanced foam seal prevents potential dust and debris entering between face and glasses for complete eye safety

  • Comfortable and stylish llure range offers safety fashion glasses for women
  • Reflective safety, polarised eye wear range is also available
  • Clear vision with low light glasses for reducing glare
  • Durable shade level 3 or 5 Welder Assistant Safety Glasses for reliable protection
  • All terrain anti-fog versions are also available
  • Comprehensive lens options for varying light environments
  • Fire safety goggles for heat resilient strength in critical conditions
  • Intelligent safety spectacle designs that can performs as goggles

Convenient online shopping, OTB efficiently offers next day shipment from payment or same day shipping when order is placed early.

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