MaxiFlex® Ultimate™ Glove

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Designed and developed as a breathable glove, MaxiFlex® has become the benchmark for precision handling in dry environments by combining outstanding comfort with class leading durability. All MaxiFlex® gloves are dermatologically accredited by the Skin Health Alliance as part of our HandCare™ program. They are also pre-washed prior to packaging enabling us to guarantee them “Fresh out of the pack” as certified by Oeko-Tex®. Now the iconic MaxiFlex® gets even better thanks to the inclusion of the new AD-APT® Cooling Technology from ATG®.

• Precision Handling™ in dry environments.

• DURAtech® technology for outstanding durability of more than 18,000 abrasive cycles

• AIRtech® technology delivers 360° Breathability.

• Optimised grip delivered through our micro-cup finish allows for a controlled grip.

• Class leading form, fit and feel, reducing hand fatigue and increasing comfort.

• Glove coating – palm coating

• Available in sizes 5-12


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