Materials Handling Equipment from Optimum Handling Solutions

Materials handling equipment can help decrease injury and fatigue in the workplace

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As specialist manufacturers and suppliers
of materials handling machinery, Optimum Handling Solutions stock a wide range
of specialised materials handling equipment that are able to cater for a
variety of different industries. 

Engineered Materials Handling Equipment

These ergonomically
designed equipment can be used for duties such as lifting, packaging
and loading.

Optimum Handling Solutions (OHS) supply a wide range of specialised
Materials Handling Equipment including:

  • Pallet Inverters and Dispensers
  • Scissor Lifts spring, hydraulic/electric and
  • Goods Hoists
  • Loading/Unloading equipment 

Materials Handling Solutions for Industry Applications

Optimum Handling Solutions have
specifically designed materials handling equipment for different applications.
These include:

  • Moving: goods hoists, pallet trucks,
    skid lifters and tilters
  • Loading: dock lifts, pallet
    straighteners, electric & manual forkstakers, quickstak system
  • Elevating: mobile lift tables,
    stationary scissor lifts and spring lifts
  • Packing: sealing, strapping and
  • Handling: conveying, turntables,
    pallet inverters and pallet dispensers
  • Tipping: bin tippers and forklift
  • Lifting: forklift attachments and
    vacuum lifts
  • Protecting: dangerous goods storage,
    bunding, pallet gate 

Enhance work safety and productivity

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased operator safety
  • Enhanced work environment
  • Reduced fatigue and injury
  • Reduced exposure to litigation 

Optimum Handling Solutions provide
complete industrial and commercial materials handling solutions.

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