Mass Flow Meters from Hurll Nu-Way

The Neptune RML2000 offers unmatched accuracy and reliability.

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Mass Flow Meters use the Coriolis principle to obtain a
direct mass measurement. First introduced in 1978, mass flow meters are an
established technology in process industries. Highly accurate, they reduce lost
product, lost time, and lost money.

With no moving parts to wear out, the Neptune Series RML2000
from Red Seal Measurement (USA) provides dependable, maintenance-free service.
The unmatched accuracy and reliability of the Neptune RML2000 can increase your
efficiency and profitability.

Advantages of mass flow technology over mechanical meters

  • Improved
    accuracy eliminates unmetered product
  • Accuracy
    is not affecteProductsd by temperature, pressure, density, or viscosity
  • Wider
    range – 100:1 turndown vs. 5:1 for mechanical meters
  • No moving
    parts – reduced downtime, longer service life, greater calibration stability
  • Reduced

Applications for the Neptune RML2000

  • Batching
    of multiple fluids through one meter
  • Stand-alone
    explosion-proof batching in hazardous areas
  • Mixing
    epoxy paint
  • Slurry
  • Custody
    transfer of LPG, propane and butane in distribution terminal
  • Mobile
    distribution of multiple products

RML2000 mass flowmeter is NMI approved within Australia for use with all liquid petroleum gases up to 300 L/min. The system can be retrofitted; interfacing with a Liquip electronic register through mobile phones or laptops makes data management fast and easy.

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