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Manual Directional Control Valves Applications
The MiniPro valve is an ideal choice for use with STONE DC Power Packs and provides you with the most compact and versatile hydraulic system package. Each section is only 31.5mm wide.

Differentiating Features of MiniPro Manual Directional Control Valves 

  • MiniPro is a bankable valve that offers flexibility to suit your system design. Micro switches are included for DC motor activation.
  • To make your system even more compact, the MiniPro can be mounted directly on to any standard STONE power pack.
  • The MiniPro is designed for low flow applications and provides unequalled control characteristics against any other valve of this type.
  • Optional accessories are available including:
    • Wiring loom (1-5 spools)
    • Fuse and relay
    • Cover (1-5 spools)
    • Key lock and rubber dust boot
    • Remote mounting bracket
  • Labels on the cover can be supplied with any corporate logo

Other Details
Contact name: Daryl Cook Product Manager Low Pressure Hydraulics

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