Manta Multi Parameter Water Quality Probe


A VARIETY O F FIELD APPLICATIONS – Use your Manta in fresh, salt or brackish waters. For profiling or dip-and-read applications, pair the Manta with Eureka Amphibian , a Pocket PC based waterproof field display. Since the Manta is already equipped with memory, turn it into a logging device by simply adding a battery pack. For real-time monitoring, connect it to Eureka satellite telemetry system or an SDI-12 compatible datalogger. You 檒l extend deployment further with Eureka unique cleaning mechanism.

PROVEN SENSOR TECHNOLOGY – Manta sensors are chosen for their superior functionality in the field because you need the most accurate and precise data possible. To further increase sensor performance, we separated and isolated the analog and digital circuitry.
Where applicable, sensors adhere to specifications as stated by Standard
Methods for Examination of water and Wastewater 20th Edition.

FREE , EASY – TO – USE SOFTWARE Eureka modern, Windows -based software guides you through setup, calibration and data download processes. The real-time graphing makes it easy for you to visually recognize when your readings have stabilized. The calibration log provides a regulatory record of instrument calibration history.

Differentiating Features
Eureka Technical Innovations And Advantages :
_ Snap-On Do Membranes
_ Everlast Flat Glass Ph Sensor
_ Open Flow Conductivity
_ Mcvan Analite Turbidity.
_ Accurate And Precise Stage
_ Separate Analog And Digital Boards
_ Clear Plastic Housing
_ Polyurethane Cables With Water-Block.
_ Detachable Cablelock System
_ Field-Replaceable Sensors
_ Comprehensive Support
_ 30 Day Risk-Free Trial

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