Making Technology Convenient using Remote Monitoring and Data Access with Burkert mySITE

A simple and convenient way to access sensor data from any internet enabled device.


With Bürkert’s mySITE solution, easy and convenient access of sensor data is possible.

By storing data on ‘the cloud,’ it means around the clock accessibility from any internet-connected device such as computers, pads, and mobile smart phones. 

Any analogue or digital signal can be easily collected by the mySITE network for viewing online.

Alternatively, mySITE can create a channel for data output at remote sites to be seamlessly re-integrated with your existing systems.

Comprehensive alarming and communication for effective management

  • Each monitored sensor can have up to 4 separate alarms (very low, low, high, very high) established, and for each of those I/O, up to 6 contacts may have any combination of SMS and email alarms
  • 3rd party suppliers can be granted access for efficient resupply at scheduled alarm points for critical resources
  • Alarms are configured via the mySITE web portal, self-managed by the user for immediate and straightforward updates
  • The mySITE system uses the mobile network to capture your data in a simple, no fuss (and no IT Department) solution, delivering raw data and graphical output for trending and improved asset management

OPC Connectivity for valuable data reintegration

  • Viewing sensor output directly on a dedicated mySITE portal, the solution can be used to get data from remote assets and reintegrate it into infrastructure systems, such as SCADA or other connected legacy systems
  • For example, valuable data from remotely located tank assets can be easily collated to gauge precise content and consumption patterns for greater usage control, replenishment and availability
  • Large sites where tank farms, monitored effluent outflow, or other processes are difficult and expensive to link to site systems should look to mySITE

mySITE offers you a powerful business solution when:

  • You need to monitor a remote asset for its state, condition or function
  • You need to record or prove process data for statistical use, optimisation or regulatory conformity
  • You need to be notified of an event, alarm or condition from a site
  • You need a simple interface for a third party to view or record your data

All your assets at your fingertips, the mySITE network system is the perfect solution to managing your essential data.

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