Magswitch sheet handler tool – incredible time saving!

Magswitch; Sheet handler tool; Product # 8100361

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Business Name: MSA Magnetics


simple way to align plate or press beam – no more pounding, breaking, grinding
or clamping to level steel. Just turn the magnet on and pull the lever to

  • Removes high/lows with ease,
    simply place magnet on low, pry on high and weld with the other hand – this
    allows the individual to align two sheets and weld the separate sheets much
    quicker than other methods.
  • The Magswitch Sheet Handler is
    a versatile multiuse sheet handling tool that comes with our 818 kg (1,800 lb)
    lifter magnet. The Magswitch sheet handler enables you to pivot/lift sheet up
    onto a wheel so it can be dragged or moved. This is a perfect tool if you
    needed to lift and slide one sheet over another.
  • Functions as a steel sheet
    leveller too! Simply place the magnet on the low side, align the pivot point
    over the seam and press.
  • The extendable handle is
    removable for use on tables. Ideal for ship building and large steel sheet

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