Magswitch MagTether – Ideal for underwater welding & tethering!

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Business Name: MSA Magnetics


No more bouncing around or fighting
currents when doing tough work underwater. Tether securely and easily with
Magswitch Marine Tethers.

Productivity Advantages:

  • Use in
    military and commercial applications
  • Work on steel
    hull ships or structures
  • Alongside and
    below the surface mooring
  • Mounts to
    flat or curved surfaces.


  • Better
    performance on the presence of air gaps.
  • Safe
    tethering to work place.
  • Tethers
    personal gear, tools and equipment more securely.
  • Lighter
    weight more compact unit
  • Stays clean –
    when off, debris falls off
  • On / Off
    Permanent magnet – no electricity

Sizes available:

  • MagTether 300 – Product #8100111
  • MagTether 600 – Product #8100077
  • MagTether 1000 – Product #8100051

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